Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi

Discussions Concerning Al-Mahdi Author(s): Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani Translator(s): Sayyid Sulayman Ali Hasan Publisher: Qum: Ansariyan Publications, 1380 = م 2001. Category: Imam al-Mahdi Topic Tags: Awaiting Imam Mahdi Person Tags: Imam al-Mahdi (a.s.) Congress Classification: BP224/ص 2گ 704952 1380 Dewey Classification: 297 /462 National bibliography numbers: م 80-27921 This book Contains these titles: BOOK ID؛ point؛ Introduction؛ Part 1: Shi’ism؛ Historical Factors and Shi’ism؛ The Shi‘a and Armed Uprising؛ Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq the Shi’a School of Thought؛ Before Imam as-Sadiq (peace be upon him)؛ Shi‘a Ideology’s Practicality؛ Shi‘a Positions with Respect to the Usurping Rulers؛ The Accusation of “Exaggeration” (Ghuluww) Against the Shi‘a؛ The Relation of the Shi‘a with the Mu‘tazilah؛ Part 2: Imamah؛ The Secret of Choosing the Imams؛ Allah’s Knowledge and the Infallibles’ (peace be upon them ) Knowledge of the Unseen؛ The Countenance of the Imams’ (pe ...
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مجموعه:13- Mahdavism