Examples of Imam Ali’s (a.s.) Moral Virtues

Examples of Imam `Ali�s (a.s.) Moral Virtues Author: Author : Allama Hussein Ansariyan Book Source: http://www.alhassanain.com/english/ Subject:Immamate, Imam Ali,Biography This book contains thsese titles: Book ID; An Extraordinary Example of Piety; A Jew Becomes Muslim; His Altruism; His Ascetism; Bare-Food On Five Occasions; Carrying a Heavy Load; Charity Changes People; Contentment; Fighting Oppression; His Generosity; Guidelines to rulers; Helping the Orphans; Imam `Ali (a.s) Intervenes; His Jusitice; Moral Behavior In The Market; One Of The Days; His Pardon; Recompense; The Battle Of Nahrawan; Those On Foot Not To Follow Riders; Notes
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